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Logistic Services – Warehouse Management – Material Handling & Storage Solutions

We have been working in supplying Storage Solutions for more than 25 years. We are part of AL SAMAANI ® industrial Group affiliated with one of the biggest and most active groups in the Saudi Market and achieved remarkable progress and growth in the respective field.

Our Products

Alsamaani Co. manufactures and supplies all different types of pallets ultimately, such as Metal / Steel pallets, Wooden pallets and Plastic pallets. As well as the company supplies Racking Systems, such as Selective Pallet Racking, Drive-in, Cantilever, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA), Double Deep Pallet Racking, in addition to Shelving for a variety of Material Handling & Storage Solutions.

Supplying Scope

The company supplies its products and services to many of governmental and semi-governmental sectors. Additionally the national and foreign major companies,  beside to exporting the products to many countries.

We guarantee the quality of our products

In fact as a specialized Saudi Industrial group, our products are uniquely 100% Saudi-manufactured. We guarantee the quality of our products as a result of applying the principle of Total Quality Management (TQM).

Radio Shuttle System

Radio Shuttle Racking System

Radio shuttle Is deep lane storage and retrieval system. It is a carrier used to move pallets within a specifically designed racking structure, thus optimizing the storage capacity.

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Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving can be used in order to create a high rise installation that are ideal for usage with order picking machine. Also it can be used as a heavy duty hand loaded storage system.

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Drive-In Racking System

Drive-in Racking is the ideal solution for storing products of the same type together with a large amount of unit load per Stock Keeping Unit. This type of product is used when high-density is required.

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Drive-in Racking System
Order Picker Forklift

Order Picker Forklift

An order picker is defined as a piece of equipment that used to pick and deliver material needed for filling orders from storage, and also used to manage pick ticket orders. It pulls warehouse items from the shelves based on number, size, colour, quantity, and quality requirements. After all it ensures that orders are accurate, and stages items correctly for delivery.

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On-time delivery

Just as your customers notably measure your performance, hence it’s important that you and your suppliers work altogether to determine the right metrics to measure their performance. On-time delivery is the most common metric that’s measured. In particular make sure that you and your suppliers understand the precise definition of on-time delivery that you’ll be measuring.

On-time delivery doesn’t actually have black-and-white. There are original promised delivery dates that can (usually) change during order’s lifetime. So are you measuring on-time delivery performance against the original promise date? or subsequent revised promise dates? However make sure you and your suppliers are aligned.

Similarly, are you measuring the dock date or the ship date? After all it will usually depend on the payment terms that you’ve negotiated with your supplier. If your payment terms are FOB Plant, for instance, this means you’re responsible for the shipping method once the product leaves your supplier’s plant.