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Our name is synonymous with supreme quality. We are part of AL SAMAANI ® industrial Group; this affiliation with one of the biggest and most active groups in the Saudi Market has tremendously aided our progress and growth.
The company supply its products and services to many of governmental and semi-governmental sectors also the national and foreign major companies, and also exporting the products to many countries.
Our factory manufactures and supplies all different types of pallets (metal, wooden and plastic) and racking system from ( Pallet racking – drive in – Tops Pallet Racking – Cantilever – Very Narrow- aisle Pallet Racking VNA -Double Deep Pallet Racking ) and shelves for different solutions of Storage’s and Handling. As a specialized Saudi Industrial group our products are 100% Saudi-manufactured, we guarantee the quality of our products by applying the principle of Total Quality Management (TQM).

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Radio Shuttle Racking System

Radio shuttle Is deep lane storage and retrieval system. It is a carrier used to move pallets within a specifically designed racking structure, thus optimising the storage capacity.

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Mobile Shelving System

Mobile Shelving Systems consist of a series of shelving runs which move parallel to one another and require only a single operating aisle for access to all items stored.

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Drive-In Racking System

Drive-in Racking are cost effective solution to high density storage. The static storage system has rails running the depth of therack for the pallet placement. The only limitation to the depth of the pallet storage is the capability to drive deep within the system. The drive-in rack depth reduces the need for aisles and drastically increases cubed space utilization.

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Supply Chain management

Supplier management is what most people perceive supply chain management to mean. And, truly, this is where a lot of supply chain managers spend their time.

The arena of supplier management includes the cost of goods negotiations, on-time delivery management, quality audits and management, new product development — to name a few areas of focus.

Your supply chain team will work with your suppliers’ customer service teams, engineering teams, quality teams and even supply chain teams.

Just like your customers probably measure your performance, it’s important that you and your suppliers work together to determine the right metrics to measure their performance. On-time delivery is the most common metric that’s measured, but make sure that you and your suppliers understand the precise definition of on-time delivery that you’ll be measuring.

On-time delivery isn’t has black-and-white as some might think. There are original promised delivery dates that can (and often) change during an order’s lifetime. So are you measuring on-time delivery performance against the original promise date or subsequent revised promise dates? Make sure you and your suppliers are aligned.

Also, are you measuring the dock date or the ship date? Oftentimes that will depend on the payment terms you’ve negotiated with your supplier. If your payment terms are FOB Plant, for instance, that means you’re responsible for the shipping method once the product leaves your supplier’s plant.

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