AS/RS combines equipment and controls to handle, store, and retrieve materials with precision, accuracy and speed. A system enables companies to recapture floor space, improve efficiency and ensure inventory control. Loads are moved vertically and/or horizontally in the aisle and then laterally to place the load in a storage location. Al Samaani automated storage and retrieval systems vary in sophistication from simple order-picking machines operating in small storage structures to fully-automated,

systems that are integrated into complex manufacturing, distribution or warehousing processes. AS/RS is effective for staging in

a lean inventory operation.

The key benefits realized from the implementation of an Automated Storage

and Retrieval System are:

  • Regained floor space
  • Streamlined, high-speed storage/retrieval
  • Improved throughput
  • Inventory accuracy and control
  • Increased productivity


Al Samaani warehouse software empowers you to optimize workflow and gain real-time control of your inventory. We offer software products that meet the needs of the large, high-volume fully-automated warehouse and the small, traditional warehouse.

Warehouse Management System

Al Samaani warehouse management system (WMS) is inventory management software that provides real-time control of inventory, labor, and equipment in a warehouse. WMS guides the receipt, storage, picking, cycle counting of inventory and shipping of goods. It efficiently schedules equipment and resources, requires barcodes for inventory accuracy, keeps productivity measurements and is user-friendly.

Warehouse Control System

Al Samaani warehouse control system (WCS) controls any kind of material handling equipment. It manages all routing control by tracking movement of inventory with established operational rules. It can be used as a stand-alone system or can be interfaced with a WMS system.