Project Description

Fire protection in warehouses and storage facilities

Fire protection in warehouses and storage facilities is extremely important. As a manager of this type of facility, you have to ensure that your structure, equipment, and assets are protected in the event of an emergency. More importantly, you need to make sure that your employees and visitors are safe.


Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Protection are the main way that warehouse and storage managers ensure safety for their employees and property. But the different materials stored within the building impact how a fire sprinkler system is designed and installed.

A professional fire protection company can design and install a unique fire sprinkler system for your particular needs, especially if your building has:

  • Bulk storage (piles of unpacked materials such as powders)

  • Solid piling (stacks of boxes and cartons)

  • Palletized storage (storage on wooden or plastic pallets)

  • Shelf storage (items placed on solid, in-place shelves)

  • Rack storage (items placed on various types of racks)

Different methods of storage in warehouses can impact how a fire spreads or how a fire sprinkler nozzle is able to extinguish a fire—this doesn’t even take into account the flammability of the actual materials being stored!

Fire & Smoke Alarm Systems

Since your property may be loud with multiple people roaming throughout various locations in the warehouse, fire and smoke alarms are also crucial for your fire protection methods. Properly installed alarms are necessary to alert all your employees and occupants in the event of a fire so that they are able to evacuate safely.

Building and property managers should also utilize professional design, installation, and regular inspection of their additional fire protection systems including:

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Fie Suppression Systems

The best ways to minimize your business’ fire risk is to have a licensed fire protection company, like Al Samaani Co., come to your property and professionally install, design, inspect, and repair your fire protection systems. Not only can a licensed fire protection technician give your business a fresh set of risk management eyes, they also can design effective fire protection equipment and systems, create a proper employee training program, and ensure that all your equipment is working as expected.