Project Description


Gondola shelving is a freestanding fixtures that retailers can use to display merchandise.

It is typically consists of a flat-base and vertical component notches, pegboards, or slot-walls.

The vertical piece can fit with shelves, hooks, and other displays.

Benefits of using Gondola shelving:

  1. It is versatile, and so can adapt to any need
  2.  Maximising space, hence allowing warehouses and storage’s to maximise the availability of space, and at the same time ensuring products are displayed well for customers to see
  3.  Providing the opportunity for a business to increase their profits significantly. Since the units allow the business to strategically place goods and items, as well as place the height that will increase the likelihood of a customer seeing them, and thus making purchases.
  4. Ideal for any space, no matter what industry a business is in. It is an efficient option for storing products and items due to their versatility and ability to maximise spaces.
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