Project Description


Rack Supported Mezzanine Floors is a very practical way of utilising the (often-wasted) space above racking. This form of Mezzanine is built from pallet racking materials and is generally the most cost effective way of building a mezzanine. Storage is gained above the structure with an open deck, and the support for the deck is usable pallet racking that can be left either open or utilised as shelving.

A rack supported mezzanine is an exceptional choice when pallet storage is needed below and on the perimeters of the structure. The mezzanine structure can be constructed within the racking (over aisle space) to create walk space or on top of the racking to create additional operational space. Super Market Shelving Companies mezzanines provide economical square footage and versatility as well as:

  • Economical square footage (more cost-effective approach by making more efficient use of existing overhead space)

  • Many decking options depending upon the purpose of the structure

  • Case and broken case pick modules