Project Description


Managing floor space is a challenge in the distribution industry. With budgets shrinking and real estate costs rising, these facilities need to make the most of their existing floor space. Industrial mezzanine long span systems are ideal for warehouses that need to maximize parts storage in very limited space.

Multi-level warehouse mezzanine long span systems take advantage vertical space by using lower level shelving to partially or fully support a floor system above, increasing the amount of product you can store in your warehouse.

Customizable, Flexible Design

The professionals at Al Samaani  can build a mezzanine floor by installing special supports at the top of the storage system. We can also design a system from the ground up. You can choose to leave out the beams below the mezzanine for more open workspace or opt for a true multi-level storage system.

There are three options for flooring material: bar grating, roof decking, and plywood. To ensure safety of warehouse personnel, we’ll install gates and handrails on the upper levels. Stairs provide easy access to upper levels and walkway systems can be installed between the mezzanine rows.
Mezzanine systems are flexible as the upper level can be reconfigured at any time to meet the changing needs of your warehouse distribution centre as your business expands.