A rack supported warehouse is where the racking meant for holding the material is also used to support the walls and roof of the warehouse. It makes sense to utilize the racking (with storage of steel coils/plates/ sheet packs/long products), which has the high modulus of rigidity and bulk strength for supporting the roof and side claddings with appropriate purlins. Considering that the cost of land, materials and labour continue to rise, the rack supported building concept becomes a more economical warehousing solution to high bay storage of above 25 meters with automatic warehouse management system (WMS).

The structure forming the shelves makes itself a self-supported building adding later the roofing and the perimeter walls. This system avoids major civil works and the construction of a warehouse building for that purpose. These features bring significant savings as it represents less investment.This type of building manages to provide a high density load and is the optimal solution if we want to store in high and may reach over 30 meters.

It is fully compatible with manual handling truck and automated systems and can work well in cold environments, like freezing cameras. The components are made of the highest quality steel and are subject to testing in our own laboratory, which certifies its validity for this type of storage solution.

Our engineers due to the role the shelves play in the building architecture, are performing strength calculations for both the loads to be supported and their behavior to atmospheric agent such as wind, snow and earthquakes.