Damaged pallet racks pose serious safety risks in warehouses. Racks can be damaged beyond repair and cause significant costs for your warehouse or, even worse, could cause a catastrophic collapse that can be nearly impossible to make a financial recovery from. Before this has a chance to happen, it’s much more cost-effective, not to mention safer, to order repair and replacement parts for damaged warehouse pallet rack uprights and frames ahead of time. There are a wide variety of affordable repair and replacement parts depending on your needs, with emergency 24-48 hour

Prevent Severe Damage & Collapse

We know that warehouse pallet rack systems are designed and engineered to support heavy product loads, and are tested against rigorous quality standards and controls. However, although the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI) design specifications include safety factors, it does not include the additional safety requirements needed as a result of post-manufacture damage. Damage not only reduces a pallet rack’s carrying capacity, but it may also lead to catastrophic pallet rack collapse. The total cost of a rack collapse often far exceeds the value of the entire rack and stored product itself, along with the added risks of serious injury or death, higher insurance premiums, fines, and legal expenses, product, equipment, and business loss, and expensive cleanup and replacement costs. Additionally, repairing parts of a damaged frame can offer over 200% savings over totally replacing a frame. For these reasons, it’s critical to routinely inspect your pallet racks to ensure they’re maintained correctly, and replace parts as needed—before irreversible damage occurs.